How to draw a face

Before you draw a face, you will need:

  1. First draw a light vertical line in the middle, then draw a light horizontal line across the other line
  2. Draw an oval around the lines. This will be the outline of the face
  3. Just above the center of the face, you move your pencil to the left and draw a circle or a sideway oval for the eye. Then draw a dot for the iris. On right side of your face, draw the eye at the same verticle position as the left eye
  4. At the center of the face, draw a nose. You can draw a hook or a curve in between the eyes
  5. You are almost done with the face! Now let's draw the mouth. Add a half sideway circle below the nose. Add teeth or tongue (optional). This is what your drawing will look like, step by step:

This is what your drawing will look like right now before we reach the final step:

One important thing to do after you finish the outline of your face is to check whether you accidentally make a mistake or not. Check thoroughly before reaching the final step.

  1. Once you finished checking the details, darken up the important parts of your face
  2. You can add hair, accessories, or the top part of the face's torso as you wish
  3. Erase all of the unnecessary detail lines, and you are done!
  4. If you want to be extra artistic, you can color your face. The color choices are optional for you.

How your finished drawing will look like (this is a reference):

There you go, you just drew a face! This is the entrance of art and you will get used to it